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Humans are so biased and prejudice mammal that they are blinded by their own thoughts that even horse blinds will shy away. This was so prominent to me that writing was the only thing left in hands of warrior. It started when I realized Paris is the city of perceptions. Its vibrancy was so different than just a famous monument and fashion capital of the world. Strikingly to me it intrigued me with its history that given a chance I can spend 1 month straight to explore each place and sink in my blood the every breath of the France. While some of my friends said it was so similar to England all white build but how many have the capability to look behind the sea’s calm surface and quest for undercurrent.

It stroke me again when I was bamboozled with 5 articles on TOI related to rape. Out of 5, 3 were from their known either your boyfriend or known friend. To me it seemed familiar phenome and appeared that I was hearing the story of my friend again. But while one of colleague mentioned that girls should stop spreading the false story. She was saying after hearing his friends’ story again. We both were reiterating the same seen story and realized my own prejudice.

Life give us such opportunities where we are broken on idea and assume that only love can bring us back. We are so consumed on our Sunday kind of love that life just happens to us without being prepared for it. When my thought mirror was broken I was stumbled but life is all about learning else you die in your own co-web which nobody can remove. People sometimes will use jargons but still blind others with science.

Leave behind the bias and you will understand that life is all about learning with main aim to be happy instead of judging the people. With the above line I am saying don’t be naïve, leave your worries behind and give everyone behind the space to be who they want to.

Remember some books are not meant to be judged by the cover page and start focusing on yourself more .Once we start to practice who can stop us to fulfill our dreams to be Steve jobs or Priyanka chopra or whosoever you respect in our own right. If you want to do justice to your life stop indulging in the Sunday kind of love with yourself but the love that stays every day with you.