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The Story Behind It

While people find out the reasons of any people moving of their team later why not find out the reasons why they stick ?


In a world where people money can be a sanity factor but not a motivation factor for anyone to stay. What is required for someone to stay as important as why someone wants to leave since companies, bosses invest the maximum in the people especially in IT industry. You can study the termination part and realize what triggered someone to move out but there will be times and insights which are required for people already with you to stay. The biggest compliment anyone can give to each other is to come back to work with you. Let’s understand why and how of the equation and what will follow through

The first thing which was very prominent in all the studies was people felt belonged and part of something bigger and special. Feeling like part of the team we are going to achieve something bigger and larger and they have a unique role to play in it. The team they are working is simply great and more is achieved through the chances to understand each other and help in the bonding together more than just colleagues. Work they are doing is not boring even if they have done the repetitious work earlier but every time they do something they are learning something. They know that their learning is of most importance. If they think what they are working has some purpose and are generating value. They have found a mentor who believes in them and leadership to look up to. Leadership foster respect and help them develop them as employees. The cherry on the cake is the appreciation, the reward they get for what they do. One of the best feelings is to be visible for the effort you put while being knowing nobody will notice if you skip for a day or so is the recipe for an exit plan from the employees. Some of these people will go the extra mile because they felt valued.

“You don’t build a business you build people. And then people build the business” 

With all the why(s) of the retention and in each itself is a huge topic to dig deep. I hope with my aim to to make it crisp I still have done justice