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The Story Behind

Idea of this blog came when I was going through the Rendezvous with Simi Garewal first of Rekha and later of Amitabh Bachchan 

By Bhoomi Diwa

My journey of exploring the topic of the woman staying with the husband eventhough he is cheating started when I started to watch while I was ill and watching Rekha’s interview with Simi Garewal. I was looking why she is called the Diva of the bollywood 

While listening to the Rekha about Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan , you realize that she is in love and she beautifully expressed her love and pain gracefully yet you can find her to be vocal without demeaning Jaya .This led me to another chain of thought and watch Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya’s Simi Garewal Interview. What I saw there wasn’t nice. I saw a man who was arrogant and a wife who is afraid to say anything in his presence . When you are living with a man who is so bitter and critical about what do you and may be cheating on you , you are bound to lose your charm. You can see how once a bubbly girl has developed OCD.

There was a little girl who had admired Big B althroughout her life was shattered . This was a mature girl who was able to still love his acting, his adoring father figure but dismiss and dislike his man part.

This raised another question in my mind why would she live with Big B. Is it because she was looking for money ? She herself was a bigger superstar Abhimaan 1973 also says so. Was it for the kids ? If I look to the kids and their Simi Garewal along with Amitabh Bachchan. Not very sure what you can find the remains of a broken marriage then also . Now you can realize with their current situation, sweta tried to adjust but had to walk away from the marriage while for Abhishek’s marriage is also in scrunity from past few years. I have seen other real life cases also and bottom line kids from such families always struggle to lead a fulfiling life may be have money but something is missing. 

Imagine a girl who has not seen his daddy and miss on the father’s love.  Will she ever understand how a man should treat her ? How will that father sleep at night thinking what he did in his youth has impact for his apple of eye. Generally kids learn about marriage and opposite sex after looking at their parents.

So, kids is never the reason to stick around when you know kids will lose on their integrity and will always look for love outside or get addicted to some materials soon to overcome the missing love.

But why would a guy who has affair stay with woman? This was the toughest question I had to ponder because I was perplexed man are generally considered go getter and know what he wants from his life . Why will he never end the relationship ? Then one of the friend shared the quote 

“When a man is dealing with two women. He’ll always stay with the one who has a weak mind! The weak-minded one will think she’s won because she is with him, but the whole time,he’s wishing he was with the strong woman. But he’s too scared to be with the strong woman because he is weak too.”

The whole thought that woman suffers to stick with man is strange to me and can’t co-relate and because even without naming real life example whom I have talked and known , Even in “Kehne ko Humsafar Hain”, Ronit Roy cheats his wife for Mona Singh . Later when he marries Mona Singh he cheats on her with his ex-wife . Not because a part of him loved his wife but once a Cheater always a Cheater. If we realize that fact a person who is escapist always shy away from arguments and disagreements. And he choose low lane because he has known that path only . It’s never because of the partner or what he or she does. And cheating is now a day not only for man but also woman.

What is anybody staying together in unhealthy relationship achieve?  You are not only ruining 3 or 4 people’s life but also if kids are involved kid’s life and that’s much more messer.

Apart from society’s pressure I couldn’t find any reason. So as part of society if we stop questioning anybody with their way of living may be we gave people power to choose. I will do my part without judgement to either case whether they stick together or not but whatever each one of them do as per their choice is best for them.

Wishing everybody a goodnight , I will ponder on Diva concept some other day . Till then Doei Doei !!!Succes !!!