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Idea of this post came first time heard the monologue by kalki Koechlin and our most cherished day as Women’s day. Somehow that day passed without any word to my kitty. Suddenly Queen with her independent carefree struck my mind for a long to urge me even till date to write . May be it’s the effect of “K” alphabet Empress to make us feel sometimes entangled in worldly society and sometimes to make us feel empowered to break the society norms and “Live Life Queen Size”.

Suddenly I recognized that both have wanted to make us feel beautiful even after the struggle, our ancestors have gone through. One using the lethal words and advising us to fight for own justice. Another letting us remember that no matter what may happen we need to remain happiness.
Kalki with her analytical mind went on made us remember that we are the second to Man and maybe that’s why we are called woman. How far we have come when we wouldn’t have a single chance to survive. But still asking to ponder whether we have a far way or still we are in tunnel without a ray of hope to see light. We still live in cliché and define woman with colour coding. Isn’t it time we realize that we willn’t have any princess charming to rescue ourselves and atleast we as woman shouldn’t be judging other woman on how she dresses up, stand up. Let the woman next to you be herself and not be judged by prejudice of the society. She even goes to extend to explain to mankind that “All Man have nice intentions for their woman and want them to feel like princess “. But isn’t time she feels like a Queen and have her basic rights of freedom and cared. Let her wear grace of dignity of thought for the day.
Queen or the Kanganna made feel just qualified to be a woman who has strength to handle each circumstances like a true queen will. She is settled and knows to challenges the status quo without being rude. She goes through her low points when her fiancé dishonor their relationship just 2 days before marriage. She is fragile and weak to the point where she feels the pain of being rejected but not to extend to ruin her whole life. She is so strong that She decides to go on her honeymoon alone. Her parents doesn’t crib much thinking that she may be feel better. Story has a new beginning where rani learns and tries new thing be it making new friends, learning to dance carefreely but still not changing who she is internally.
Both have made me realize that we as woman or female are strong. No matter how things turns out to be we can always strike back to life and remain happiness amidst all sadness and rough patch of life. Its time we stop beggaring other woman rather paveway path for all of us. And gentle request to all the GentleMen encourage ladies in your life to feel the freedom and equality. Ladies when we get such chances don’t fight, don’t scream but let ourselves be assertive in honorable voice.
Oye woman you are a woman
Show the world a person who is mature
Its time world be assured of your demure
Let your voice be alluring the place of secure
Let the mankind be so pure
Oye Woman you are a woman
Don’t let other woman endure the pain
Let bygone be bygone and break the chain
Don’t let the other women be abstained
Oye Woman you are a woman
Don’t become the cushion for rookie
Don’t make the attire your footage
Wear the luring mind
Oye Woman you are a woman
So pure so securing so reassuring so caring
Oye woman you are a woman
World looking to inspiring beauty
 Oye woman be a woman not a man and love yourself each second each moment